Thursday, October 31, 2013

Would Ariel and Eric Make It In Real Life?

This is one of my favorite Disney couples right here. I can't imagine a world in which Ariel and Eric do not live happily ever after, but fair is fair. I'll give them the same treatment as all the other princesses and their princes. First of all, after everything their families went through to give them their happily ever after, I think everyone would be happy to see Ariel and Eric work out. Ariel is already a princess, she's already accustomed to courtly life. The only real culture shock for her would be living on land. I'm certain she would miss certain things about the underwater world (her family and friends, for instance) and that learning to eat seafood would be a problem for her. Seriously, why doesn't she stop the humans from eating seafood? I've always wondered that. She completely abandons the aquatic creatures she left behind!

Even so, she and Eric are a good match. They have similar interests, and I expect their love of exploring would be a fun hobby for them to share. Something as simple as a shared hobby can do wonders for a relationship. They have excellent communication, which was proven when Ariel had no voice and Eric understood her anyway. That sounds like the sort of exercise you would have to do in couples' therapy, actually! Who knows, maybe it helped their relationship rather than hurting it!

Furthermore, Eric seems pretty good at letting Ariel do whatever she wants. They're both willing to fight for their relationship, so as long as another sea-witch doesn't come along to cast a seducing spell on Eric I think they'll be okay. Plus, Ariel could always swim out to sea to visit her family as long as they're willing to come to the surface. I'd like to think that they would, for the sake of peace between the creatures of the land and sea.

My verdict: Yeah, these two would make it in real life.

Disney Quote of the Day: "She only wants rules so she can break 'em!" - Archimedes, The Sword in the Stone

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